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Real estate agents with over 15 years of full time experience in the field are offering unbeatable commission rates of only $999. List and sell your home with a professional Realtor in the GTA and save thousands in commissions. An alternative to 5% or the failed "For Sale By Owner" method of selling real estate. We site down with you, provide you with full market valuation of your property. We do the MLS listing, photography and virtual tour, marketing, showings and handling offers. We work with you till the end.

Market value of your home researched and details provided to you so you can make informed decisions when pricing your home. Listing a home at the right price is the first step towards a successful sale.
Your $999 fee is not for mere listing. We offer a full Realtor service to ensure your home is sold for highest possible price. We work in Mississauga, Brampton, Woodbridge (Vaughan), Toronto, Milton & oakville.
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